The B&E Group manfactures complex, precision machined components for aerospace and defense OEM customers,
and also provides engine and aircraft systems component overhaul and repair services for airlines around the world.

B&E Precision Aircraft Components is an industry leader in precision aerospace manufacturing, located at 10 Hudson Drive in Southwick, Massachusetts. B&E was established in 1950 in Westfield, Massachusetts before moving to its present location. We currently employ a team of skilled and dedicated associates working two shifts around the clock, which includes a full support staff of inspection, machinists, engineering, and other technical personnel.

D&S Manufacturing is an AS9100 high precision prototype-to-production manufacturing company with extensive experience in the manufacture of critical components used in guidance, optical, and targeting systems; or in an application that requires uncompromised confidence in quality and reliability. Our skilled team members take great pride in their work and in the company. Our culture of customer service and continual improvement is reflected in the quality of the products we produce.

New England Heat Treating Service
is a full-service thermal processing facility. NEHTS offers atmosphere and vacuum hardening, atmosphere and vacuum tempering, stress relieving, annealing, solution, aging, deep freezing and thermal cycling. NEHTS
is centrally located just off the Massachusetts Turnpike (Exit 3) in Westfield, MA.


Our MRO team, branded as Safe Aviation Solutions, is comprised of three repair stations located on the west and east coasts of Florida. We provide services that cover a wide spectrum of engine and airframe MRO capabilities including over 20 ATA chapters encompassing fuel, hydraulics, pneumatics, and power generation components. We have a strong engineering capability that has developed over 700 DER repairs that provide cost effective and innovative repair solutions for our customers.



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